Weather in Cantal: A Little Rain, Some Clearings Later in the Afternoon

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Rain in the morning for Cantal, clearing later

The day of Friday 15th March will be disturbed again, with the presence of rain. The sun will nevertheless be present in the afternoon.

The weather will once again start off wet this morning across the Cantal department according to the latest weather forecast from Meteo France.

More rain, but some sun

In the morning, rain will still be present across the majority of the department. The average temperature will be 7 degrees.

The rain will gradually calm down to give way to bright spells in the afternoon, around 1pm.

Some thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon.
Some thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon across the Cantal department (© Météo France)

The thermometer will rise to an average of 10 degrees.

The evening and the night are particularly cloudy, but normally without the presence of showers.

Have a lovely day everybody !

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