Ifop Survey: Inhabitants of Seine-et-Marne Like their Department

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According to an Ifop survey, the inhabitants of Seine-et-Marne like their department.

90% of the inhabitants are happy to live in Seine-et-Marne according to an Ifop survey.

The results of this Ifop survey should susprise more than one: 90% of the inhabitants of Seine-et-Marne like their department. 

Wednesday 20th March, the Seine-et-Marne Departmental Council will officially reveal the results of an Ifop survey on the attachment of Seine-et-Marne to their territory. 

“This survey breaks the prejudices on the opinion of the inhabitants of the suburbs” one evokes on the side of the Department.

The Department Council commissioned this survey at the polling station earlier this year, at the height of the challenge to the government and institutions.

And the results are without appeal:

  • 90% of the inhabitants are happy to live in Seine-et-Marne,
  • 70% are attached to their department,
  • 71% are satisfied with the action of the community.

The results of this study “show a deep attachment to the institutions , a real appetite for the public thing and a real desire to see their territory develop”.

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