TPMP Video: Gilles Verdez and Jean-Michel Maire Reveal their Huge Salaries

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Gilles Verdez et Jean-Michel Maire reveal salary

This Wednesday, March 13, Gilles Verdez and Jean-Michel Maire revealed their salaries in the last issue of Touche pas à mon poste. And the least we can say is that they are very well paid!

How much do TV hosts earn? On Monday, March 11, Télé 2 semaines published a salary survey for PAF stars. The opportunity to discover that Karine Ferri touched 1 500 euros by lottery draw . A sum certainly pretty, but much lower than the 4 000 euros that the French games pays Jean-Pierre Foucault for the same job. The public service leaders are also well off. Still according to the fortnightly information, Cyril Féraud earns 650 euros per issue of Slam , while Olivier Minne cash a check for 4000 euros for each program he presents on the channels of the group France Televisions.

It remains to be seen what catches the presenters and columnists of C8. If Cyril Hanouna’s salary is ”  difficult to establish with precision  “, Benjamin Castaldi receives 4 000 euros per prime time . Valérie Benaïm, who animates It is that TV before moving with Touche not to my post every day, earns 1,200 euros per issue, while Eric Naulleau receives 1,800 euros per delivery in Balance ton post . Stupid sums on which the TPMP team has just returned this Wednesday, March 13.

For his part, Jean-Michel Maire believes that money should not be a taboo subject. ”  The salary of others interests me and it does not shock me that I am asked mine,  ” he said before revealing that he earned 700 euros per issue , or about 14,000 euros per month. An income slightly higher than that of Gilles Verdez which peaks at 600 euros per issue, or 12,000 euros monthly. ”  We are privileged,  ” he acknowledged. Working for TPMP is therefore a very good deal!

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