Weather in Lorient: Waiting for the Cold Wave

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The cold weather will arrive in Lorient from Monday

WEEKEND WEATHER: Beautiful, but cold in Lorient this weekend and this is only the beginning, Monday it gets tough.

Saying of the day? The Breton is more comfortable in the rain than in the cold …


Clear and cold at dawn before a morning and mid-day very sunny with progressive rise of mercury. In the afternoon, the sun is omnipresent, without a single cloud, from Groix to the country of Plouay via the peninsula of Gâvres and along the Scorff.

Wind easterly to northeasterly weak, moderate sometimes (force 3, gusts 20-25 km/h, 25-35 over Groix). Felt in the breeze from -7 degrees at dawn rising to 2 degrees in the afternoon.

Strong-Blocked: beautiful sea. Min: -2 / -1 degrees; max: 7 / 8 degrees; (from -3 / -2 degrees to 6 / 7 degrees in the countryside.) Clear skies in the evening with a rapid sensation of cold, moderate north-east wind, from 4 degrees at 8pm and 1 degrees at midnight (although with the wind it will feel more like -3 degrees and then -6 degrees)


Clear with a feeling of great cold at dawn preceding a morning and mid-day very sunny but with a slow rise of mercury.

In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent without a single cumulus of the coastal fringe north of Morbihan is accompanied by a clear sensation of cold wind, accentuated in the shade.

Down to minus 8

Wind east to northeast moderate (strength 3-4, gusts 30-40 km/h, 45-55 on Groix). Blocked Fort: west swell 1-1.3 m. Min: -1 / 0 degrees; max: 6 / 7 degrees (from -2 / -1 degrees to 5 / 6 degrees in the countryside).

With the winds the temperatures will feel more like -8 degrees at dawn and only 1 degrees in the afternoon. Clear skies in the evening with icy winds.  Temperature of 3 degrees at 8pm and zero degrees at midnight.  Once again in the wind it will feel more like minus 5 degrees and then minus 8 degrees at midnight.

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