Act X Yellow Vests: With 10,000 Protesters, Toulouse beats a MobiliSation Record

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Toulouse broke a new record for Act X with 10,000 yellow vests protesters.

Act X Yellow Vests in Toulouse brought together 10,000 protesters, Saturday 19th January, according to the public authorities. A record … for a day that has degenerated in the city centre.

New Saturday tensions in the city centre of Toulouse, Saturday 19th January, 2019. However, this act X of the mobilisation of yellow vests against the policy of Emmanuel Macron had proceeded in calm, through a march that led the demonstrators to loop around Jean-Jaurès, via Arnaud-Bernard, the Capitol and the boulevards.

Even the humor was out in this act X!

With the presence of “Fly Rider”

A beginning of the event where we saw one of the national figures of the movement of yellow vests, Maxime Nicolle, aka “Fly Rider”. The same demands came back in the songs of the Toulouse demonstration: “Emmanuel Macron’s resignation”, more “social and fiscal justice” and the implementation of the “Citizen’s Initiative Referendum”, among others.

The inter-union demonstration was declared, unlike that of yellow vests, says the prefecture.

The dirty Capitol

But the beautiful picture collapsed. If the crowd gathered in the quiet Capitol Square, without overflowing, the passage of the procession left traces: the Centre of Toulouse was tagged, banners were deployed for a few minutes and black paint was thrown on the facade of the iconic building of the Pink City.

Before a passage in front of the Monument to the dead of François-Verdier, around 4.40pm, where we were able to attend the scuffles and the shots of tear, shop windows of businesses, banks especially, were the target of the breakers, and degraded distributors, rue de Metz.

Here too, the impression of the same scenario that is repeated has resurfaced in the eyes of Toulouse.

The situation degenerates at 5pm

The situation turned vinegar boulevard Strasbourg, then Jean-Jaures, around 5pm. The slogan “Everybody hates the police! Began to resonate more and more.

It was at this time of day that the prefecture, which had counted 5000 people in the middle of the afternoon, revised its count upwards with 10,000 people (like the police). Either a new record, in front of the 6000 to 10 000 people registered for the act XIX on Saturday 12th January 2019.

Smoke in the Jeanne d’Arc station

The clashes took place on the boulevards. On the side of Jeanne d’Arc, smoke escaped from the metro station, with many people inconvenienced. The circulation of line B was interrupted for one hour.

Two banks ransacked

In the evening, clashes continued throughout the downtown core. There, the businesses were again the target of the attacks of the breakers. Rue Alsace-Lorraine, around 18:30, the Banque Populaire saw its broken windows, a destroyed distributor and stacks of documents were thrown and strewn in the street.

Crédit Mutuel has also been vandalised.

On a building not far away, the thugs have tagged the message “Castanerfs live”.

According to a journalist on the spot, the Crédit Agricole de Wilson has also been damaged.

CCTV cameras destroyed?

The game of cat and mouse continued in the evening in an atmosphere of chaos in Saint-Georges, Wilson, rue Alsace … According to the prefecture, in addition to trade, the event generated fire and garbage and street furniture deteriorated. In addition, attempts to destroy CCTV cameras have been reported.

250 breakers, 40 arrests

According to a provisional assessment of the day, the prefecture of Haute-Garonne announces 40 arrests “for degradation’s or violence against the police”.

The authorities indicate that “250 breakers” have hit the streets of the Pink City this Saturday. The demonstration resulted in five minor injuries

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