Maine-et-Loire: 71 Year Old Caught Speeding at 229 km/h

Local News
71 year old driver caught speeding at 229km/h

Illustration by gendarmes on a rest area between Rennes and Nantes. – C. Allain / APEI

He wanted to see what his BMW would do …

Even in retirement, he happens to be in a hurry.  The evidence it seems is at Durtal, in the Maine-et-Loire, where the gendarmes have arrested a man of 71 years at the wheel of a car speeding at 229 km/h on the A11 motorway.  This was travelling at 100 km/h above the speed limit.

The car, a BMW 5 Series, sped towards Les Sables d’Olonne with on board addition to the driver, his wife and two friends, reports the newspaper Presse Océan.  The quartet was talking about speed and sports cars when they decided to see what the BMW they were driving would be capable of.

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