Vannes: At Atlantheix Yellow Vests Remain Determined

Local News
At Atlantheix, in Vannes they do not block traffic, but stay on the scene to show their concerns

5pm Friday. The yellow vests installed at the roundabout of Atlantheix have just learned the intervention of law enforcement in Luscanen, Vannes.

A young woman comments: “We have the impression that they want to annoy us. Refusal to increase Smic. Refusal to return to taxes. ” The thirty year old works as a waitress in the restaurant. Her neighbour is a worker in the food industry.

The duo goes back to their motivations: “We are not listened to. Whereas on the 30th of the month we have nothing left. The money put aside is not for recreation but for surviving. “

At Atlantheix, yellow vests do not block traffic. It is rather the motorists who slow down passing in front of them. Some honking to show their solidarity.

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