“It’s Already Christmas”: Jean-Luc Reichmann, TF1’s Santa Claus

Jean-Luc Reichmann, host of "C'est déjà Noël" this Christmas

TELEVISION: This Monday, at 6.15pm, and until December 28th, TF1 launches a new game for the Christmas holidays …

Two sledges, gigantic gift packs and a virtual tree on a giant screen … It’s already Christmas , the game that TF1 is launching this Monday at 18:15 for the month of December is aptly named. It is in this setting that Jean-Luc Reichmann answers the questions of the journalists between two recordings, this morning of November.

“I’m very happy to be Santa Claus at the end of the year because it will give joy,” says the entertainer for whom a show is only successful in spontaneity. “Yesterday, on the set, we lived things that we did not even imagine. We were shipped by a couple of lovers, a duet father-son, by two cousins ​​… “, he slips, mysterious while hinting that the surprises will be with the candidates.

“Amazing expertise on games”

Jean-Luc Reichmann is a TV games pro. “I started at The Magic Door , I was assistant to the assistant of the assistant of the person who was doing the castings of the candidates. Each time, we wondered what made people’s eyes shine. The answer is not long in coming: “It was this sharing, this joy. A good game, that’s it. I am happy and proud to provide these emotions, “he says, ticking all the boxes of the consensual argument (bad faith aside, it is true that one would be surprised that a presenter is scuttled by promising tunnels of boredom interspersed with great moments of sadness).

Aurélien Lipianski, the director general of Tooco, the company that created the show has only braids to braid the host. “When we say that Jean-Luc Reichmann is Daddy Christmas, I think it’s true. He lit up our plate. Beyond being an excellent presenter, he is a true professional who has incredible expertise on games, which really helped us in the evolution of It’s already Christmas . A format is a mechanical, a decor and especially a facilitator who makes it live. ”

And what is the leg Jean-Luc Reichmann? “It’s sending positive, a beautiful message, responds the facilitator. My spearhead is to be the most unifying possible. Christmas spirit, what?

A French game and stakes

“I did not doubt Jean-Luc Reichmann, but more of us, because this is the first time that we produced a big game on TF1,” said Aurélien Lipianski, CEO of Tooco, pointing out that “the creation it’s more and more complicated. ” Often, new games that arrive in the French audiovisual landscape are adaptations of foreign formats. “TF1 does what the public service should do: highlight the French creation that develops concepts that, after, export,” he praises. The games in the evening had been quiet on the first channel, especially since the launch of the daily soap Tomorrow belongs to us at 19:20, a schedule until then privileged for Money Dropand other The Wall . WithIt’s already Christmas , the chain is testing the so-called pre-access box for games.

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