At Atlantheix, in Vannes they do not block traffic, but stay on the scene to show their concerns

Vannes: At Atlantheix Yellow Vests Remain Determined

5pm Friday. The yellow vests installed at the roundabout of Atlantheix have just learned the intervention of law enforcement in Luscanen, Vannes. A young woman comments: “We have the impression that they want to annoy us. Refusal to increase Smic. Refusal to return to taxes. ” The thirty year old works as a waitress in the restaurant. Her neighbour is a worker in […]

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Protestors are trying to block a roundabout in Caen

Caen: The Yellow Vests are Trying to Resume the Colombelles Roundabout

After the roundabout of Ifs, in Caen, mobile gendarmes and police intervened to unblock the roundabout Lazzaro, in Colombelles, this Tuesday 20th November, 2018. Yellow vests have just reinvest. The police come back in their turn Totally confused situation at Lazzaro roundabout in Colombelles, at the gates of Caen. The yellow vests, which held this point of […]

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Near the roundabout from Noz to Saint-Berthevin, the line of vehicles coming from the ring road of Laval is growing longer

Yellow Vests still Mobilised near Laval

In Mayenne, the yellow vests remain mobilized, Monday 19th November, 2018. An action is underway, Saint-Berthevin, near Laval (in Mayenne), where a filtering dam has been organised since 7.30am. Blocking images. In Saint-Berthevin, near Laval (in Mayenne), the demonstrators did not all hang up their yellow vest, Monday 19th November, 2018. They are now a hundred, […]

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