Saint-Malo: Yellow Vests Dislodged from the Roundabout of the Aquarium

Local News
One of the barracks that had been fitted out by the yellow vests along the René Cassin roundabout, at the entrance to Saint-Malo, near the aquarium.

The second HQ of the yellow vests in Saint-Malo was evacuated this Thursday morning.

After the roundabout of Naye last Tuesday, the national police and the technical services of the City intervened at the beginning of the morning, this Thursday 20th December, 2018, at the roundabout René Cassin, located near the aquarium, at the entrance to Saint-Malo.

The yellow vests that had built a makeshift encampment on site were dislodged. This roundabout was one of the main fiefs of the protest in the corsair city.

The prefect had warned

This action by the public authorities was expected. Yesterday still, the Prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine, Michèle Kirry, had officially asked the demonstrators to immediately stop their actions and to evacuate the still occupied sites in the department.

In Saint-Malo, at present, there is no longer any public site occupied by yellow vests.

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