Yellow Vests: “We Can Protest” but Blocking a Country is “Not Acceptable”, warns Edouard Philippe

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No right to block country on 17th Novbember says Edouard Philippe

For Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, “blocking a country” is “obviously not acceptable”. But the government will guarantee the freedom of yellow vests to demonstrate.

The government will guarantee the freedom of ” yellow vests ” to demonstrate Saturday, November 17throughout France against the rise in fuel prices , but “block a country” is “obviously not acceptable,” warned Friday Édouard Philippe on the eve of the movement.

“We will be very attentive, very focused”

“We will be very attentive, very focused, very vigilant to ensure that the freedom to demonstrate is respected, but that freedom of movement is guaranteed,” said the Prime Minister during a trip to the Essonne devoted to accompanying measures taken by the government.

“We can manifest, but blocking a country while emergency services may need to circulate, while everyone may need to move tomorrow, is obviously not acceptable.”

The latter also fixing as a “limit” the “endangering of the security” of those who manifest “or of those who do not wish to manifest and want to move freely”.

“What we want is not to trap the French”

With the Minister of Ecological Transition François de Rugy, the head of the government was Friday morning at the Linas-Montlhéry autodrome (Essonne), a site where is checked the compliance of vehicles with European standards, particularly in terms of pollution. Both men attended a laboratory emissions test.

“What we want is not to trap the French, it does not tell them” you made a choice, well now you pay the consequences, “defended Édouard Philippe.

“It is on the contrary to accompany them in the transformation of their habits or in the acquisition of a new vehicle.”

New increase on the 1st January

After several increases initiated under the five-year Holland plan, the carbon tax which weighs particularly on fuels will increase again from several cents to 1st of January.

Government support measures, such as the conversion surcharge for low-income households or big wheels, do not only target “state-of-the-art vehicles” like electric or hybrid cars, but also “everyday cars”. pleaded Mr Philippe.

Example of real ads in support for cars eligible for the mechanism, François de Rugy has pointed out that after applying the surcharge of 4000 euros, a recent used Nissan Micra in the neighboring town of Montléhry was 5490 euros. Or that a Peugeot 107 with a low mileage in the Hautes-Alpes returned to 1990 euros to its purchaser.

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