The Weather in Lorient: Beautiful Sun and Progressive Freshness

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Weekend weather forecast for Lorient

WEEKEND WEATHER: The strong anticyclone focused on Scandinavia will generate the arrival of a flow of continental air across Lorient


Mists and mists at dawn preceding a cloudy and overcast sky in the morning and then sunny late in the morning. Generous sun and relative softness at midday.In the afternoon, the sun, very generous embellished with a softness sheltered from the wind. Quick drop of mercury from 5 pm Wind east during the morning with moderate chill. Swell west 1-1,5 m. Min: 8 / 9 degrees; max: 13 / 14 degrees (from 7 / 8 degrees to 13 / 14 degrees inland). Soon clear in the evening with gusts of east 30-40 km / h (50 on Groix) accentuating the feeling of freshness of 8 degrees at 8pm and midnight.


Clear and cool sky at dawn preceding a sunny morning and mid-day with more limited rise of mercury. In the afternoon, the omnipresent sunshine of the coast is accentuated by a clear contrast between a clear freshness in the wind and a softness in the sun sheltered from the wind. Wind northeasterly moderate in chill morning sustained in the afternoon (strength 3-4 gusts 35-45 km / h, 55 on Groix). Swell of west 2-2,5 m. Min: 3 / 4 degrees; max: 10 / 11 degrees; (from 2 / 3 degrees to 9 / 10 degrees inland).  Clear and cold sky in the evening with gusts of east 50-60 km / h, 7 degrees at 8pm and 5 degrees at midnight (will feel more like zero degrees and then minus 2 degrees).

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