Fuel Increase: In Château-du-Loir, the Mobilisation is Organised for the 17th November

They were 150 in Château-du-Loir organising fuel protests for 17th Novelmber

A national block to protest rising fuel prices is scheduled for 17th November. In Château-du-Loir, an information meeting brought together 150 people.

The movement of yellow vests is organised, in view of the national blocking announced for Saturday 17th November, 2018. The movement “citizen, apolitical and peaceful” (as it was announced), launched on social networks , aims to denounce the increases successive fuel prices .

While the price of diesel reaches or even exceeds € 1.50 per liter, motorists say “stop”. And launch a determined call to the government, against the backdrop of a continuing rise in the price of a barrel of oil .

A call via social networks

In view of the mobilization of Saturday, November 17, a first meeting of organisation took place Wednesday, November 7 at 19h in Chateau-du-Loir , on the parking of Sainte-Cécile. The appointment was launched on the page Anger 72 blocking Château-du-Loir. 

In the darkness of the parking lot, 150 people gathered. With under his arm a long list of grievances.

“As I get older, I become revolutionary”

“I’m from Luceau and I can not afford taxes anymore. There is diesel but also taxes in all areas, “insists Danilla, a retired. “Like the CSG. I worked 44 years and with my husband we did our math. The increase in the CSG represents a loss of € 1,500 a year. I’m disgusted. As I get older, I become revolutionary. ”

On Wednesday evening, participants at this first meeting were invited to share their ideas for “making themselves heard”.

Nearly 150 people gathered Wednesday night in Château-du-Loir.
Nearly 150 people gathered Wednesday night in Château-du-Loir. (© Small Courier)

“We all have reasons to protest. We must find a France that federates, as after the Second World War. Today, we are too divided.”

The increase in fuel prices, the tax, the difficulties to make ends meet, the feeling of not being heard … the list of grievances is long.

worker in arboriculture, Saint-Christophe-sur-le-Nais (37), summarizes this anger:

“We are tired of paying. We have nothing left at the end of the month. must stop. I’m ready to block gas stations, commercial areas, roads. And we do not want to consume that day to not bring money back into the coffers of the state. I do it for my children too.”

The other avowed purpose of this blocking day is, indeed, to boycott businesses, without bothering people.

Saturday, November 17, angry motorists are invited to mobilise on tolls, around shopping centres and gas stations. The center Leclerc of Vouvray-sur-Loir and the Intermarché of Luceau are targeted.

“We need to think about slogans, mobilise truckers, taxis, farmers and public works companies. Everybody is concerned.”

New meeting Friday 9th November at 7pm

A new meeting to finalise the blocking points is scheduled Friday 9th November, 2018 at 7pm, still on the parking Sainte-Cécile in Château-du-Loir.

Similarly, in the Lude sector , angry motorists are also organising. They will meet for an information meeting on Sunday, November 11 at 10am, Chemin des Bichousières.

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