Fuel: Distributors Pledge to Pass on the “Day-to-Day” Drop in Oil Prices

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Distrubutors pledge to pass on fuel savings day to day

The government is trying to quell the grumbling over rising fuel prices, as we approach a call to block the roads on November 17th …

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, assured him, Thursday, the fuel distributors are committed to reflect the day-to-day decline in crude oil prices at the pump.

The government is trying to quell the rumbling over rising fuel prices, as a call for blocking roads on November 17 approaches . “The commitment was made by all distributors to pass on the drop in day-to-day prices of oil at the pump,” said the minister after a meeting with the sector in Bercy.

A meeting with oil operators and small and large distributors

“As for the oil companies, they have made the commitment to reduce their margins to the maximum so that there too, the prices at the pump are as low as possible for consumers,” he added.

Bruno Le Maire and the Minister of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition, François de Rugy, brought together the sector’s players in Bercy in a context of high prices that is causing discontent. In particular, professional organisations, oil operators (Total, BP, Shell, etc.) and representatives of large and medium-sized businesses (Auchan, Carrefour, etc.) were invited.

Several tracks to accompany the price surge

“However, I would like to point out that everything indicates that oil prices will remain high in the coming months and years,” insisted Bruno Le Maire. The government intends to “continue and accelerate the energy transition of France,” he said.

After several months of strong rally, oil prices have fallen since early October to their lowest level in nearly eight months. The government has unveiled for several days several other ways to support households penalised by soaring fuel prices: redesign of the energy check, tax exemption of transportation aids, discussions with companies.

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