Weather in Sarthe: The Sun Returns

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Admittedly, it is cool in Sarthe this Monday, September 24, 2018 but the sun is present.

WEATHER FORECAST: This Monday, September 24, 2018, the weather is nice in Sarthe with the return of the sun.

You surely know the famous song of Claude François ” Un lundi au soleil ” (A Monday in the sun) . It’s exactly that today in Sarthe . After the rain and the wind of yesterday, Monday 24th September 2018, the sun makes it return and it is a very beautiful way.

Indeed, according to the forecast from Meteo France, it will be present across the whole of the Sarthe department for all of the day.

Sun and freshness

Only small problem, it’s cool. The temperatures range from 5 to 6 degrees this morning and will climb to 18 this afternoon.

Good news, it will be nice all week.

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