Sam Smith Still has not Recovered from his Break with Brandon Flynn

Sam Smith still hasn't recovered from his break up last year

PEOPLE: The British singer, Sam Smith broke with the actor last June …

Some love stories are more difficult to forget than others, some ruptures more difficult to digest and it is not Sam Smith who will say the opposite. The singer, who split from her boyfriend Brandon Flynn (actor Series 13 Reasons Why ) last summer, admitted in an interview for the supplement Style the Sunday Times that he had trouble getting in recover.

“I am still trying to understand what I learned from this relationship, what it means to me. I am still on edge … “, he explained.

Today, the two men, even separated, are not at war. “All my relationships ended in a friendly way, never in the conflict,” said the interpreter of Stay with Me.

Watch out for overwork

Sam Smith confirmed their relationship last October. The interpreter of Too Good at Goodbies and his companion separated in June .

While he admits he prefers to remain discreet about his private life, he explained that it was “important” to highlight love stories between people of the same sex, because “we do not see masses”.

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