Weather. 2018, A Record Year of Heat Days for Several French Cities

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Many French towns saw record temperatures in 2018

Several French cities have seen a never-ending number of very hot days, at over 25 ° C, in 2018, according to Meteo France. Other temperature records should still fall with the summer that is prolonged.

They have had very hot days this year, and summer, the hottest since 2003 , is not over. Orleans, Tours, Nevers … Several cities have already broken their own annual record in number of heat days, with temperatures above 25 ° C. Others should do the same in the coming days with the return to rising temperatures, according to  Meteo France

87 days of great weather

Orleans saw Wednesday the bar of 25 ° C crossed for the 86th day of the year. The previous record for the city, since the beginning of the surveys in 1938, went back to 1947 and it was extraordinarily long with 84 days at more than 25 ° C that year.

Nevers, with 87 days above 25 ° C at this stage in 2018, exceeded the 2003 record (86 days), a peak since records began in 1946.

“For Tours, measures introduced since 1959, it is already 83 very hot days, and whose previous record was in 1976 with 82 days beyond 25 ° C, linked to a very sunny summer,” says François Jobard, forecaster at Météo France.

“A warm September”

At the root of this situation, a hot spring, as early as April, and a summer that continues. “We are on a hot September, other cities will see their record fall,” said the meteorologist. He said the temperatures will start rising again on Sunday and next week , with a temperature  above 25 ° C in the afternoon including the north of the country.

Thus in Paris, the current record, which is 87 days in 1947, “will be beat certainly” and probably widely. Conversely, “in Paris, the number of cool days in the summer – at less than 20 ° C – dropped drastically” .

The annual number of heat days is “a very useful criterion, much more than the punctual records, to characterize the warming,” says François Jobard, who evokes “a trend of substance. Their number tends to increase.

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