The price of gold soars to new levels

Gold Soars and Hits Historic Records

Coronavirus pandemic, China-U.S. Tensions and depreciation of the dollar are more than ever prompting investors to buy gold Faced with the coronavirus pandemic and Sino-American tensions, the yellow metal is aptly named as a safe haven. The gold price thus reached a new record level on Monday, also helped by the depreciation of the dollar. An ounce was trading at […]

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Black Friday set a new sales record in France and the United States

Black Friday: Record Purchases Beaten in the United States … and in France

In France, even criticized, Black Friday 2019 has recorded 56 million transactions by credit card in one day, 6 million more purchases than last year. And, in the United States, transactions also reached a new record, with over $ 7 billion. Blocking actions, creation of “  Block Friday”, criticisms, demonstrations … The Black Friday 2019 has given rise to […]

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Many French towns saw record temperatures in 2018

Weather. 2018, A Record Year of Heat Days for Several French Cities

Several French cities have seen a never-ending number of very hot days, at over 25 ° C, in 2018, according to Meteo France. Other temperature records should still fall with the summer that is prolonged. They have had very hot days this year, and summer, the hottest since 2003 , is not over. Orleans, Tours, Nevers … Several cities […]

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Vinyl records in the spotlight Sunday at Bretteville-l'Orgueilleuse

Normandy: Vinyl Records in the Spotlight Sunday at Bretteville-l’Orgueilleuse

Motivated by the success met last year with 800 visitors, the CSA (Studio Culture Association of Bretteville-l’Orgueilleuse) organizes Sunday 25th February, 2018, the 2nd edition of the “disc convention”. Probably not yet widespread in the region, disc conventions or record shows are open to all, whether you are a buyer or seller (by paying a rental amount of footage). These […]

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