Weather in Lorient: Beautiful Saturday, Stormy Sunday

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A Beautiful day on Saturday in Lorient

Here is the forecast for this weekend in and around Lorient. A beautiful day is coming, this Saturday. It will be worse tomorrow.

Beautiful this Saturday, in and around Lorient, but it will turn stormy tomorrow.  Here are the forecasts:


Mists at dawn preceding a sunny morning embellished with fine high altitude sails. Beautiful sunny and mild sensations at mid-day with cumulus development of good weather north of Plœmeur-Lanester.

In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent on Lorient and the littoral border composes with pretty cumulus, sometimes developed, north of a line Quéven-Caudan-Kervignac. Ideal conditions for the 24 hours Lochrist Kayak with fine thunderstorms, cumulus and moderate heat.

Very light wind from east to southeast in the morning preceding a weak breeze effect from southwest in the afternoon on the littoral border. From Kerroc’h to Guidel Beaches: beautiful sea. Min: 11 / 12 degrees; max: 22 / 23 degrees; (from 10 / 11 degrees to 23 / 24 degrees in the countryside). Clear and mild sky in the evening; 20 degrees at 8pm and 16 degrees at midnight.


Veiled at dawn, the sky becomes quickly chaotic in the morning and mid-day with sails of altitude, cumulus of stormy aspect and sensation of heavy weather before the showers.

In the afternoon, the stormy boundary which is organized on the near ocean generates, over the whole of Morbihan, a very cloudy sky covered with showers and thunderstorms, locally more marked.

Winds east to moderate with gusty bursts. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: beautiful sea. Min: 13 / 14 degrees; max: 20 / 21 degrees (from 12 / 13 degrees to 21 / 22 degrees in the countryside). Cloudy to overcast sky with overcast showers; 17 degrees at 8pm and 15 degrees at midnight.

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