Weather: Snow Away, Eight Ile-de-France Departments still on Orange Alert

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A man on the Champs de Mars in Paris, February 9, 2018

The snow that swept northern and central France on Friday departs Saturday morning, eight departments of Ile-de-France still on orange alert.

Orange Alert is maintained in eight departments of the Ile-de-France  “because of late night frosts and the formation of new ice patches on the ground,” said Meteo France on Saturday in its bulletin at 6am.

Relevant departments: Paris and the pztie-crismall crown (75-92-93-94), Seine et Marne (77), Yvelines (78) Essonne (91) and Val d’Oise (95).

“Some showers” of rain and snow mixed were still possible with pavement that may remain slippery, said the forecast service.

According RATP, traffic was Saturday at 6:30 am “slightly disturbed on the bus” with 15% of unserved lines (40 of 300) and “near normal over the rest of the grid” Parisian.

The “snowfall” Friday remained far from that of Tuesday-Wednesday, which caused dramatic disruptions in Ile-de-France.

In Paris, some traders were grieved, the fifth day of the cold wave that hit the capital. “Economically it’s a catastrophe! “Says Philippe Alari, who runs a tavern in front of the Sacred Heart, in the tourist district of Montmartre.

“Since 9:30 this morning I sold what? Two pancakes and sandwich!”

“At first, I was very sad when I saw he was going to snow. But this morning when I woke up, it was beautiful! “Has however welcomed Lourdes, a Spanish tourist 29 years.

Closed since Tuesday, the Eiffel Tower will reopen Sunday morning at 9:30.

Faced with this “new onslaught of winter,” the Interior Ministry and the Paris Prefecture of Police (PP) had again called on motorists “not to use their cars.”

Kilometres of tail-backs!

Exceptional peak of 175 kilometres of tailo-backs was briefly reached on Friday at 1pm.

In the southwest of Paris, the national road 118, symbol of the mess on Tuesday night – 1,500 to 2,000 motorists there had been snowed – will reopen in two Saturday at 6 on its northern section (Sèvres-A86 bridge ) and 16h on its southern section (A86-Les Ulis), announced the prefecture of Paris (PP).

“The precautionary principle” criticized

SNCF announced normal traffic on all train routes and a gradual return to normal for the Transilien

Eight departments are still on orange alert
A train runs under the snow to the Saint Lazare train station in Paris, February 9, 2018 (© AFP / GERARD JULIEN)

Weather conditions, however, led to the cancellation of a third of flights scheduled Friday from Orly, about 200 flights, have we learned from airport source. “Passengers were notified and did not show up,” the source said, ensuring that traffic should resume normally on Saturday.

At Roissy, disruptions were minimal with simple delays of an average of 30 minutes.

The ban on lorry traffic in the Paris region, which has detained more than 3,500 trucks to storage areas, was closed at 18pm.”The trucks can circulate throughout the weekend,” assured the PP.

These prohibitions has repeated since Tuesday have angered hauliers. After the National hauliers Federation (FNTR) who lamented Thursday a “lack of coordination” and communication “too late” by the authorities, the Organization of European road hauliers (UR) criticized on Friday a purpose “inconsistent with the principle of precaution “, after a meeting at the Ministry of Transport.

According FNTR, these measures have caused companies to transport at least 60 million euros in losses per day.

Another consequence some Paris plants were found in technical shutdown in recent days. Retail chains and traders have also been deprived of deliveries and are sometimes found out stocks with limited impact, however, customers are also rarer.

La Poste has also warned that parcel deliveries were “likely to be disturbed.” “We are particularly unable to make deliveries throughout the Ile-de-France,” said she said on Twitter.

The Prefecture of Ile-de-France announced the establishment of a one stop shop for companies in the region whose activity has been disrupted.


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