Driving license: An Aid of 500 Euros for all Apprentices

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Apprentices at least 18 years will receive unconditional aid of 500 euros to pass the driving license

As part of the reform of learning, presented on Friday, the government promised aid of 500 euros for apprentices to facilitate obtaining a driving license.

The government unveils on Friday reform of apprenticeship , which has given rise to the end of intense battles, especially between the MEDEF and regions, reluctant to share its control.

The first measure concerns  an aid of 500 euros to pass the driving license. It was confirmed to AFP by the Ministry of Labour, following information RTL. By late morning, the government will announce its arbitration on the status of the apprentice, but also on the governance and funding of this pathway which is struggling to take off.

Target of 500,000 apprentices far from being achieved

While youth unemployment remains very high and that some businesses fail to make inroads into the target of 500,000 apprentices, set it years ago, despite the support and measures taken by successive governments. There were 421,700 apprentices in 2017.

The Minister of Labor, Muriel Pénicaud, wants nothing less than a “Copernican revolution”. She even brought employers and unions in Switzerland and Denmark, where learning is much more widespread than in France.

But the dialogue has been stretched from end to end.

A “single driver” on the plane

The CGT has decided to boycott Friday’s meeting, “government communications operation” that “strikes the brunt of the freedom to bargain” because it is at Matignon along with a trading session on vocational training. “We regret this decision but our door remains open,” responded Matignon.

Since the launch of the consultation in the autumn, it is between the MEDEF and regions that the tone was mounted. In the game, the transfer of governance of learning the professional sectors. Medef pushing it that there is a “single driver” in the air: the branches. The Protestant areas against “privatization” of the system.

Thursday yet, these have struggled to maintain the prerogatives and a share of the money intended for learning.

At the head of the Regions of France (ARF former) Hervé Morin stepped into the breach to recover the competence of direction, currently the responsibility of Education, as part of the discussions.

New tax

The standoff between the regions and the employers messed consultation, shortened hitting passing the parallel negotiations on vocational training.

Laurent Berger (CFDT) has put his two cents in arguing for the regions retain a portion of their prerogatives because “there are branches that are not capacity” to organize their learning pathway, he explains.

There seems also been friction within the Government – Education, Labour, and Matignon – on the line to follow. “A government not completely unified in his voice,” dropped modestly negotiator MEDEF recently.

The employers have also experienced some hiccups between the Medef, the CPME and U2P (traders, artisans and professionals).

A compromise was finally drawn around a contract of objectives and means between the professional sectors, the state and the regions.

A “alternating contribution” should replace the apprenticeship tax. It could represent 0.85% of payroll, according to figures released during negotiations on the reform of vocational training.

“Exchanges and different start dates for apprentices”

The regions would receive part to ensure equality in the territories.

These have also given their agreement in principle for funding from the CFA (apprentice training centers) based on the number of registered apprentices.

On other matters, the consultation resulted in forty proposals, including the possibility of being an apprentice with no age limit or developments regulations for minors apprentices.

The Minister of Labuor has already indicated that it would take the idea of ​​allowing young people to enter apprenticeship “throughout the year, to better the” light “on this path and” enhance “the masters of learning.

The government also intends to rely on the report of MEP Jean Arthuis to encourage apprentice exchanges at European level ( “Erasmus for apprentices”).

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