Angers: Demonstration for the Closure of a Far-Right Bar

Local News
Demonstration took place on Saturday in Angers

SOCIAL:  An identity bar, called the Alvarium, opened a month ago in Angers …

There are already some in Strasbourg or Lille . And each time, the opening of these “identity bars” obviously raises controversy. Several hundred people gathered Saturday afternoon in downtown Angers , to request the closure of one of them, open in late January discretion. The gathering was organized by the Anfascist Angevin Network , which claims to have “taken action in many directions towards the rapid closure of the Alvarium. 

The Alvarium, open from Wednesday to Saturday from 8 pm to midnight and attended by activists of the far-right, is presented as “a local association that brings together a community of angels who helps the poorest people.” With the exception that the beneficiaries must all be of French nationality. In addition to maraudes, this associative place organizes meetings. On Saturday, the guest was none other than Julien Langella, one of the co-founders of Génération Identitaire .

Meeting in prefecture

The anti-fascist Angevin network, which ensures that “verbal attacks of racist character have taken place against residents of the neighborhood,” asks the mayor of Angers, Christophe Béchu, to take a stand on the existence of this place.

According to Ouest-France , a meeting was held this week in the prefecture to discuss the matter, and the police have already intervened at the Alvarium for problems of noise. But no evidence to justify the closure of the establishment would have been raised.

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