Police break up New Years Eve Party in Marseille

Coronavirus in Marseille: An Illegal Party Bringing Together 300 People Interrupted by the Police

NEW YEARS EVE: More than 150 of these revellers in Marseille were fined by the police for violating the curfew An illegal party bringing together 300 people was interrupted and dispersed by the police on New Year’s Eve in Marseille and more than 150 of these revellers were fined for violating the curfew, we learned on Friday from police […]

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Students bear the brunt of the effects of confinement and must adapt to new government announcements. A heavy mental burden to bear for many of them.

Confinement: Isolated, Stressed, Demotivated … The Cry of Distress of French Students

The postponement of exams, due to the coronavirus pandemic, generates additional stress for many French students. Three of them testify. They move as best they can in thick fog. Since the introduction of containment in France, many students feel left to their own devices. Kept away from amphitheatres, university libraries, and their fellow students, forced to adapt to the change of program, the […]

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Demonstration took place on Saturday in Angers

Angers: Demonstration for the Closure of a Far-Right Bar

SOCIAL:  An identity bar, called the Alvarium, opened a month ago in Angers … There are already some in Strasbourg or Lille . And each time, the opening of these “identity bars” obviously raises controversy. Several hundred people gathered Saturday afternoon in downtown Angers , to request the closure of one of them, open in late January discretion. The gathering was organized by the […]

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The French Prefer their Dogs and Cats to their Friends 1

The French Prefer their Dogs and Cats to their Friends

They tell them about the rain and the weather, their life projects … 51% of the French prefer to spend time with their dog or cat rather than with their friends, according to a poll published on Friday. “It’s a huge comfort and they find life sad without their dog or cat”, according to the survey […]

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The French benefit with a longer retirement than the rest of Europe

Retirement: The French are the ones who benefit the longer

With 23 against 17, the European average, the French retirement is the longest on the continent.  Thanks, among other things, a high life expectancy. If they focus on life expectancy in the countries of Europe, statistics released last week by Eurostat  bring to pass important information on retirement of Europeans. Indeed, it is the French who […]

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More than 200 demonstrations and rallies are planned across France on Saturday against the Labour Law

Labour law: More Protests Saturday

Opponents of the labour law maintain pressure on the government: employees, students and pupils are preparing to fight on Saturday… More than 200 demonstrations and rallies are planned throughout France, the call of the unions (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, Fidl), which expects a “massive mobilization” . “Will it be as large as the protests […]

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President Hollande annouced an investmenty of one billion euros for digital schools

Francois Hollande. One billion euros for the digital school

Hollande announced that “one billion euros over three years” will be devoted to a comprehensive plan for the digital school. President Francois Hollande indicated that the implementation of this plan began “today”. “One third of this investment will come from existing money allocated in the future investment program” and “the rest, 650 million, will be borne […]

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