Saint-Germain-Laval: Injured after Falling from Roof Damaged by Storm

Local News
At Saint-Germain-Laval, a man injured by falling from a roof

ACCIDENT: The 69 year old man wanted to replace the tiles fell during the storm.

This Wednesday, January 3, around 9 am, a resident of Saint-Germain-Laval who wanted to repair some tiles of its roof fallen during the storm slipped and fell to the ground. The accident occurred Oak Street. Firefighters responded and transported the victim sustained minor injuries in the hospital Montereau center. Aged 69, he is suffering from wounds to the face and sore ribs.

Storm and interventions

Due to the passage of the Eleanor storm in Seine-et-Marne, the Sdis77 men are hard at work since 4 am, the outbreak of the procedure of multiple characters interventions.

Around 11 am, they had already made 94 interventions in the department, mainly for fallen trees and damaged roofs.

This is in Nangis, strongly affected city by the power cuts, the wind blew strongest (102 km/h). Several villages, like Coutençon or Villeneuve-les-Bordes were also without power.

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