Finistere: The Department on Yellow Alert for Strong Winds

Local News
Finistere has been placed on Yellow Alert for High Winds

This Wednesday, Meteo France forecasts a gradual worsening windy weather throughout the day, in Brittany. Between 4 pm and 1 am tomorrow, the speed of the wind will reach 80 to 100 km/h inland. Enough to place the department on Yellow Alert …

The interior of the land will suffer from wind gusts of 80 to 100 km/h this Wednesday. According to forecasts from Meteo France, which places the department on a yellow alert, this wind will worsen between 4 pm and 1 am tomorrow.

Moreover, strong gusts can be observed later under the showers. They will reach 110 km/h along the coast exposed to the South Wind South-Southwest. The thunderstorms are announced from 8 pm until late night.

Warning by the Prefecture

The prefect of Finistère invites everyone to be cautious, especially the increased risk of tree fall, with embankments and already weakened plants, and remember some basic instructions in case of strong wind: limit travel and learn before to undertake them; do not walk in the forest or on the coast; beware of falling trees or various objects in the city or in rural areas; not to intervene on roofs, or touch electrical son fell to the ground; store or secure Objects at or likely to be damaged; imperatively install generators outside buildings.

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