Video Game Test: On Fifa 18, Become a Stadium God!

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Video game review of Fifa 18

Fifa 18, the console cult football game, still promises you good times in front of the TV. With Cristiano Ronaldo as headliner this year.

Want to spend beautiful evenings playing football with Cristiano Ronaldo , the headliner of Fifa 18  ? Do you prefer Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, Cavani, PSG stars …? No problem, just ask, they are all there, ready to fight. The advantage with Fifa, the cult game of EA Sports , is that the most prestigious players in the world will obey you to the finger and the eye.

On Fifa18 , you are the god of the stadium. You choose your team, your confrontation, you decide the tactical scheme, the composition of the teams and go for a match of madness, as if you were there.

Like a game in front of the TV

Because it’s Fifa, immersion, the feeling of living closer to your game of football on console. And the version 18 puts you full view on this point. When Grandpa comes to your home, he asks you what game you watch on TV. When you tell him you’re playing a video game, he does not believe his eyes. Neither his ears, by listening to  the comments of Pierre Ménès and Hervé Mathoux, Canal Football Club. Certainly sometimes a bit out of sync with the reality of the game, but it goes into the heat of the moment.

The terrain seen in its entirety seems more real than nature. And the focus has been this year on the animations in the stands, with fans more fans than ever of your players, not stingy in joy and always quick to go down the platform to greet your exploits …

Some players are much better represented than others

Fifa 18 better than version 17? On the graphic side, there is a good overall progression, when you look at both the lawn and the stands. By cons, there is a fairly clear difference in treatment in the representation of players. The big stars were cooked with onions. What is not the case for all players, when we go down for example in Ligue 1 at Guingamp and we meet the captain of En Avant, Jimmy Briand with his hair braided, while he has the ball to Zero for quite some time now … What about his teammates red and black? On the whole they are rather cut with the chisel too. This is enough to get in the mood anyway and find his favorite players in the field!

Easy to play, including when you start

A field that has a good depth, which immediately gives the impression of having room to play, room to ventilate the game Another nice feeling: the pace of play is slower and more relaxed. So we feel like we have a little more time to react and organize our match. This results in more accurate passes, the possibility also to try some dribbling or technical gestures more easily.

Fifa 18 wants to capture new players, those who until now were discouraged from the first balloons lost? Maybe, and that’s what could explain the side a little more arcade of this millet. We play without getting too much head with the controls, overall the match is fluid and we score goals quite easily, even when we start (the guardians are not terrors, some rejoice, others a little less ). A little galley against the penaltys, with a real shot to take at first, to finally feel like playing Russian roulette, a bit like reality finally …!

Let’s forget the very good story mode, with the adventures of Alex Hunter that continue and the FUT mode that allows you to build your team.

Hard to do better last year

Fifa 18, an indispensable game, without a doubt, to play alone, with his friends or his children. To buy when you do not have the previous version. Those who already have Fifa 17, who already shone by its gameplay and realism, will be able to do without them if they are not too careful about the transfers of players operated since and if the last animations animations in stand are not their principal concern.

Simplified replacements

Those who camp on the 2017 version will also not have the new animation that allows to make its changes a click during the game, which is very significant in passing. As for the eternal debate Fifa or PES, the question is not yet settled, but the gap is not so great!

Fifa18. A game developed by EA Sports. On PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Pc and Switch. Price found: between 50 and 60 €.


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