Two Journalists on CNews and BFMTV Wear the Same Dress at the Same Time

Two different Journalists on two different channels wear the same dress at the same time

TELEVISION: As luck would have it, Adeline Francois and Clélie Mathias chose the same outfit on Thursday morning …

This is anecdotal, but it’s smile. On Thursday, journalists Adeline François and Clélie Mathias presented their respective morning shows on BFM TV and Cnews wearing exactly the same dress.

A dress detail that many users have not failed to notice and entertained becoming the main interest.

“You have to play the lottery”

“Funny, probability so small” responded Adeline François. “You have to play the lottery,” suggested Adeline François face this “total coincidence” before suggesting to her colleague “Next time, let the balances together.”

You think about it: if it is, it may often happen that two presenters wear the same outfit at the same time on two different channels, but normally wouldn’t have been noticed, except by the channel hoppers.

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