The Journalist Claire Chaval

Claire Chazal Evokes Her Love Stories: “I do not want to suffer anymore”

CONFESSIONS: In an interview given to the magazine “Elle”, the former figure of TF1’s TV, Claire Chazel commented on her love stories … Mediatized journalist Claire Chazal has seen her love stories too. And it is no pretense that the former presenter of the 20 pm TF1 engaged on his love life magazine Elle , on the occasion of the release of his new […]

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Two different Journalists on two different channels wear the same dress at the same time

Two Journalists on CNews and BFMTV Wear the Same Dress at the Same Time

TELEVISION: As luck would have it, Adeline Francois and Clélie Mathias chose the same outfit on Thursday morning … This is anecdotal, but it’s smile. On Thursday, journalists Adeline François and Clélie Mathias presented their respective morning shows on BFM TV and Cnews wearing exactly the same dress. Ah, il faut croire que les présentatrices de […]

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Marlène Seguin was for three years on the LCI channel.

Marlène Seguin, Journalist for LCI, Died Suddenly Aged 27

Marlène Seguin, journalist for the channel LCI, aged 27 years old, died Monday after a riding accident, in Champdieu, Loire. Marlène Seguin was for three years on the LCI channel. A graduate of the School of Journalism IPJ and winner of the Patrick-Bourrat, rewarding the most talented future TV journalists, Marlène Seguin including covering the major […]

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The British Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, said that US leaks could compromise the investigation into the attack in Manchester.

Attack in Manchester: London Annoyed by US Leaks

The British Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, expressed her annoyance on Wednesday after information leaks about the attack in Manchester in the United States. She said on the BBC she did “not want that to happen.” Britain left Wednesday reflected in its annoyance with leaks in the US about the author of the suicide bombing that killed 22 […]

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After an eclipse of nineteen months and the arrival of new leaders, the gay magazine Tetu returns this February 28, 2017 in the kiosks

“Têtu”: The Magazine is Back with a new Editorial Line

MEDIA: Nineteen months after its final copy, the title is back. Now bimonthly that “the tone changes forward” compared to the old formula … The magazine Têtu is back in the French kiosks from Tuesday with a new bimonthly formula. Launched in 1995 by activists of the anti-AIDS struggle economically supported by Pierre Bergé, the […]

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France Televisions has denounced the strategy of the FN

France Télévisions Denounces the Strategy of the FN

The Front National refuses invitations to a number of programs to concentrate its TV appearances in January, denounced Michel Field, head of information of France Télévisions. One way of circumventing the rules of the CSA on speaking time in pre-election campaign. France TV will enter the CSA. Thursday 10 November, Political Issue  of  France 2  has changed […]

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Commercial adverts are to make a return top Radio France

Commercial advertisements will make their return on the airwaves of Radio France

On Wednesday, the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay confirmed that commercial advertisements would return on Radio France, banned since 1987 … On Wednesday, the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay has confirmed the arrival of commercial advertising on the airwaves of Radio France, banned since 1987 without lengthening provided their total duration. “The group will not […]

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