Celine Dion in Paris for Fashion Week

Celine Dion Appears in a Stunning Look to Face the Heat Wave

FASHION: Celine Dion is back in Paris for Haute Couture fashion week which are scheduled to kick off on Sunday The Canadian star, Celine Dion is back in France for fashion week, which begin this Sunday. Celine Dion made a very noticed appearance this Thursday at the exit of the Hotel Crillon in Paris. To face the scorching sun […]

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A new look for Celine Dion divides her fans

The New Look of Celine Dion Divides her Fans

LOOK: Celine Dion posted a photo of her completely metamorphosed, a new style that has elicited many comments … Celine Dion performed this Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan. On this occasion, the diva shared a picture of her on Instagram , a few hours before going on stage. On this shot, she appears metamorphosed and sports a new haircut. Visibly posing in her hotel, the […]

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The electric facial cleaning brush is to be put on sale in the supermarkets

The Facial Cleansing Brush, do we Need this New Beauty Routine?

BEAUTY: For the first time, an electric facial cleaning brush will be sold in the beauty section of the supermarket, a good idea? … The electric cleaning brush face Pure Skin Nivea arrives late October for the first time in the beauty aisles within supermarkets. The Clarisonic brand was the first to launch such a […]

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Two different Journalists on two different channels wear the same dress at the same time

Two Journalists on CNews and BFMTV Wear the Same Dress at the Same Time

TELEVISION: As luck would have it, Adeline Francois and Clélie Mathias chose the same outfit on Thursday morning … This is anecdotal, but it’s smile. On Thursday, journalists Adeline François and Clélie Mathias presented their respective morning shows on BFM TV and Cnews wearing exactly the same dress. Ah, il faut croire que les présentatrices de […]

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Emmanuelle Khanh has died, aged 79 years old, of cancer

Stylist Emmanuelle Khanh Died at the Age of 79 Years

She passed away on Friday, killed by cancer … Stylist Emmanuelle Khanh, one of the pioneers of ready-to-wear in the 1960s, died Friday morning at her Paris home at the age of 79, her family said. Died in her sleep, killed by cancer “The family of Emmanuelle Khanh fashion designer is sad to announce the […]

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Fashion Week in Paris

Fashion Week: Paris intends to Remain the “Fashion Capital”

It is no coincidence that Anne Hidalgo wants “the whole town vibrates to the colours of Fashion Week” . The Eiffel Tower in the colours of dresses for Fashion Week until October 7th.  An operation that is part of the campaign Fashion loves Paris, launched Wednesday by the Mayor of the City, Anne Hidalgo, who […]

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