The Flu Vaccine Available in Pharmacies from 6th October

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The flu vaccine will be available in France from the 6th October

VACCINATION: The flu vaccine for the first time will be given by pharmacists this year …

The 2017-2018 version of the vaccine against the flu will be available in pharmacies from Friday. The annual campaign of national vaccination, was launched on Wednesday.

Some pharmacists allowed to vaccinate

According to the  recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) , the serum contains three strains, a new H1N1 type adapted to recent mutations of the virus of the disease.

Also new to simplify access to vaccination voluntary pharmacists in the regions of New Aquitaine and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will be allowed to inoculate serum to adults, with the exception of those vaccinated for the first time and pregnant women.

This is an experimental measure reserved for professionals who have received training. It will last three years and could then be extended to the entire territory.

Only 29% of French are planning to get vaccinated

Remember, every year the flu virus is the cause of excess mortality estimated at 21,000 deaths, the vast majority of older people. Scientists estimate at 2,500 the number of annual deaths avoided through vaccination . Still, the proportion of French is vaccinating against the flu is around 46% when public health goals are 75%. A survey by Ifop and published Tuesday shows that only 29% of the French plan to get vaccinated this year, an act yet reimbursed by health insurance. 62% of the population said not see the point of the approach and 22% consider it too risky.

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