Normandy: A Couple Finds their Dog, 600 km from their home, Five Years After Losing It

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Couple find their Yorkshire Terrier, 600km away from their home in Normandy

ANIMAL: Owners from the Mont-Saint-Michel found their little Yorkie named Lady near Bordeaux …

The story is both beautiful and moving. Sylviane and Michel, a couple from the Manche ( Normandy ), have found their dog five years after losing it, nearly 600 km from home. “We never lost hope that one day find our small dog,” they explained to Southwest .

Not found for five years

In 2012, the couple on holiday in La Creche in Deux-Sèvres. Originally from Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, they took a hotel room they share with their dog Lady, a Yorkshire Terrier aged 11 months.

While a maid was vacuuming in the morning, the dog was frightened by the noise and ran away with a door left open. Posters plastered, extensive research, messages on social networks: nothing happens, Lady cannot be found.

The animal was microchipped

But on Monday, the story took a turn unbelievable turn. In Taillan-Medoc near Bordeaux, Flore Mangin, a travelling trades woman, found the small animal at the side of a road. “The little dog was in shock, hungry, her hair had formed into dreadlocks, I even had to give her a haircut before washing,” says the young woman.

She then post an ad on Facebook Pet alert Gironde which then leads to the vet who finds the animal is chipped. Flora then contact the owners Norman, 600 km away.

“She stoped trembling”

Sylviane and Michel hit the road immediately to bring Lady home. “The dog shook her whole body. At the same moment she saw and felt its owners, her ears perked up and she stopped trembling. This was followed by hugs, kisses and tears of course, “says Flora.

Disappeared for five years, it is thought that the dog was found and then stolen and abused by its new false owners. Now, she has found her original “warm home, a loving family.”

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