Near Caen: A Man Seriously Injured by an Explosion

Local News
Near Caen, a man has been injured in an explosion

At Ifs, near Caen, a man of 45 years was the severed leg, Sunday, 22nd October, 2017, at noon, by manipulating a metal can. The explosion was seen throughout the neighbourhood.

This Sunday 22nd October, in the early afternoon, several police still carry out surveys and findings, street Orailles, Ifs-plain around the house where the explosion occurred. The blast was heard in the neighbourhood of the residential area where the shock wave startled several residents.Aabsolute urgency

A 45 year old man has apparently undertaken to cut the top of a metal can with a grinder in the courtyard of his house. The 200 liter drum was empty, but lubricant vapors, probably by sparks, caused an explosion. The man had a leg severed. Recognizing the firefighters arrived, he was taken to the emergency department at the University Hospital of Caen.

The accident that occurred outside of the house, only a bay window of the house was broken.


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