Northern France: Delicate Investigation after the Killing of a Jogger

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A 57 year old female jogger was found dead in Northern France

A 57 year old woman was found dead Thursday on a path between Caudry and Beauvois-en-Cambrésis (Northern France).

This is a tricky business. It mobilizes the expertise of criminal investigators from the North gendarmerie since the discovery Thursday late morning the body of Ginette A., 57, found a dead walker on a path between Caudry (Northern France) and Beauvois-en- Cambrai (North). The jogger in sportswear was killed by a distinct blade at what deemed trail passing and leading to a leisure park. A huge operation testimonies collections on people who have walked this path and its surroundings has been launched by the police. Investigations conducted in the framework of voluntary homicide investigation opened by the prosecutor of Cambrai.

Described as discreet woman with no history to the clear life, few people attending, Ginette A. Briand lived in the residence in Caudry in downtown She used to travel several times a week from this famous trail. These are walkers who discovered the body of the fifties inanimate face against the ground. They first thought she had discomfort.

The exact nature of the fatal injury was not revealed

“So far no track is favored over another,” warns a source close to the matter. Two certainties: the villainous mobile is not retained and the victim has not suffered sexual abuse. As to the exact nature of the fatal injury, it was not disclosed by the prosecutor of Cambrai. No other attack were identified on this road in the recent past. The track is very local, it seems, also a target of investigators.

The murder of A. Ginette is a sensitive issue as any isolated case of jogger killed on their favourite courses. In the past, the murder of Natacha Mougel, 29, kidnapped in September 2010 in northward park in Marcq en Baroeul and killed screwdriver beaten by a rapist recidivist Alain Penin, already condemned in 2004 for barbaric rape in Suresnes ( Hauts-de-Seine), had moved the entire region.

“We are awaiting testimony from people who could see or meet someone in the Thursday morning,” said the police. In an attempt to collect valuable evidence, investigators asked all those attending this place if they had seen something suspicious or abnormal that day. A mass of information to be sort, evaluate and tighten. The same approach was undertaken from passing motorists on the main road along part of the path.

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