Weather in Lorient: Mini Gale Tuesday Night

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The weather will be unstable throughout the week in Lorient and surrounding area

The depressions oriented from Iceland to Scotland will generate a westerly flow fall and disturbed.The weather will be unstable today in Lorient. A gust of wind is expected tomorrow night.

Autumn has taken the lead in the country of Lorient …


Unstable and windy morning with brief rain, towering cumulus clouds and showers, more frequent on the coastal fringe.

At midday, the sky, the more variable, alternating bright and high altitude cumulus sails.

By early afternoon, the return of instability in the northwest generates a chaotic and fresh air.

Wind west supported (force 5 gusting 55-65 km/h, 70-80 Groix and coastline exposed) fading late afternoon. Fort Blocked: westerly swell 2.5-3 m. Min: 10 / 11 degrees; maximum: 16 / 17 degrees; (9 / 10  degrees to 16/17 degrees inland). Unstable showers on the coastal border; 14 degrees at 8pm and 12 degrees at midnight.


Mists at dawn before a sunny morning. At midday, the sun, generous Lorient and the coastal edge is embellished with beautiful weather cumulus north of Quéven-Caudan Kervignac-axis. The afternoon sun made with oceanic altitude sails increasingly thick.

weak westerly winds in southwest veering morning moderate the afternoon (3 strength, gusting 25-30 km/h, 35-40 Groix and the west coast). Fort Blocked: swell from west 1.5m. Low: 9 / 10 degrees; maximum: 17 / 18 degrees; (8 / 9 degrees to 18 / 19 degrees inland).

From Wednesday to Friday

Low pressures shift to the North Sea will direct the flow northwest with instability and freshness.

On Wednesday, the rainy front that undulates on Brittany generates overcast with continuous rainfall, moderate to fairly abundant from mid-morning to early evening watering therefore generating. Southwest winds strong enough (gusts 60-70 km/h, 70-80 on the coast). Min: 12  / 13 degrees; max 17 / 18 degrees.

Thursday unstable and very fresh with alternating rain, most beautiful of Lorient and the coastal border, and cumulus most imposing north, generating showers, sometimes accompanied by hail and storms. moderate wind from the northwest (45-55 km/h gusts Groix); 9 / 10 degrees in the morning and 16/17 degrees in the afternoon.

On Friday, the high pressure strengthens over the Atlantic by generating a bright day. north wind, low in the morning, moderate the afternoon. Low: 8 / 9 degrees; High: 17 / 18 degrees.

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