Charente: Strike on Tuesday Causing Disturbances in Schools

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Disturbances to schools in the Charente on Tuesday

The public service strike on Tuesday will disrupt the operation of schools in the Charente. In Angouleme, the kindergarten Basseau will be completely closed.

Following the notice of public service strike submitted for this Tuesday 12th September, day care (morning and evening) and restoration of schools and kindergartens Angoulême and Cognac are very disturbed. In Angouleme, the situation is particularly complex in kindergartens.

The situation in Angoulême

  • The school  Saint-Exupery  of Basseau is downright closed all day
  • In kindergartens Jean-de-la-Fontaine and Charles Péguy  daycare is not assured: parents must pick up their child from 11.30 am to 1.35 pm and from 4pm.
  • Morning Child care, catering and hospitality evening are held in seven kindergartens Condorcet, Alphonse Daudet, Pauline Kergomard, Renoir, Comtesse de Segur, Valettes and Alfred deVigny.
  • The nursery morning and restoration are maintained but without evening reception with a recovery by the families to 4pm in 5 kindergartens: Fournier, Jean Mace, Jean Moulin, Charles Perrault and Ronsard.
  • For the 16 elementary schools, day care in the morning and catering will be provided, as well as evening entertainment receptions from 16h. However, ad the town hall, the ” tailored menus” will be offered in the canteens at least six elementary schools: corn salad and organic tomatoes, dumplings and banana. This is the Ferdinand-Buisson schools Curie René Defarge, Victor Duruy, Victor Hugo (tbc), and Mario-Roustan.

The situation in Cognac

The town of Cognac has also announced major disruptions for tomorrow . Many schools will not have a canteen.

  • The nursery trampoline will be closed all day.
  • A kindergarten Borderies, the school catering service will not be assured, it is asked parents to make arrangements to pick up their children between 11.30am and 1.15 pm.
  • The school meals service will not be assured the School Victor Hugo group. He asked parents to make arrangements to pick up their children from 11.45 am to 1.30pm
  • Nursery School Saint-Exupery: a reception minimum service is organized. If your child’s teacher’s strike, your child will be accepted from 8.30am to 4.30pm at the leisure center Le Petit Parc, located 13 Pauche street in Cognac.

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