Weather in Lorient: Freshness accentuated with Showers

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The weekend weather for Lorient

WEATHER FORECAST: Westerly winds, rain and a cold wind are forecast for Lorient and the surrounding area over the weekend.

The arrival of a depression over Ireland will generate a westerly flow disrupted, windy and cool with some rain for Lorient and the surrounding area, indicating that Autumn certainly seems to have arrived.


Light at dawn variable until mid-morning, the sky becomes unstable in the late morning and midday clouds (more visible on the coastline), cumulus clouds and a few showers (north of Lanester).

In the afternoon, instability, greater is embellished with alternating short cloudy (Groix and more visible on the coastal edge), many cumulus and fresh showers (locally thundery), more frequent north of a Plœmeur-Lanester Kervignac-axis.

northwest wind moderate-morning and mid-day freshening throughout the afternoon (4 strength, gusting 35-45 km/h, 50-60 Groix and the exposed coast) accentuating the feeling of freshness.

Fort Blocked: westerly swell northwest 1.5-1.7 m. Min: 11 / 12 degrees; maximum: 17 / 18 degrees; (10 / 11 degrees to 17 / 18 degrees inland).  A clear sky in the evening with accentuated freshness;. 16 degrees at 8pm and 12 degrees at midnight.


Unstable at dawn with rare showers, cloudy and bright mid-morning (high altitude filaments), the sky clouded over before the end of the morning and then covers midday.

In the afternoon, the front that addresses the UK generates initially overcast with little rainfall between 1pm and 4pm followed by the arrival of the most active part of the front generating moderate and continuous rain after 4pm to 5pm with a clear increase of the wind.

Wind moderate to strong enough

Very low to the northwest, the west wind veers low morning. In the afternoon, the wind is moving at moderate southwesterly then strong enough in the early evening (force 5 gusting 55-65 km / h, 65-75 km / h on Groix and the exposed coast).

Fort Blocked: west swell of 1.5 and 2 meters. Low: 9  / 10 degrees; maximum: 17 / 18 degrees (8 / 9 degrees to 17 / 18 degrees inland).  Overcast with rain fading after 10 pm; gusty southwest 55-65 km/h; 65-75 km/h 16 degrees at 8pm and 15 degrees at midnight.

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