New Fires Rage in Corsica

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New fires rage in Corsica

An intense fire is underway in Corsica in the towns of Ogliastro and Olcani. It started in the night of Thursday to Friday 11th August and its progression is rapid according to local sources.

According to Mayor of Ogliastro, Jean Toussaint Morganti, the fire would have left his town around midnight at a place called San Michele, along the RD 80, reports Corse Matin. Firefighters were alerted around 0.40am, of the fire starting.

The fire started along the provincial road RD80 before quickly moving towards the peaks, pushed by a strong wind, said the SDIS 2B, to France 3.  According to preliminary estimates, a hundred hectares have been destroyed.

Women and children evacuated

The fire does not threaten any houses. Fifty people were confined at night in the village of Ogliastro. Similarly, twenty women and children have been Olcani security, said the SDIS 2B.

In important ways instead are being made to try to contain the fire. In all, 180 firefighters SDIS 2B are deployed on the ground and supported by a major air device comprising a Dash 8, three and four Canadair Trakker.

Exhausted firefighters

Another fire broke out on Friday at around 3am in the town of Nonza (Corsica) and traveled between 70 and 100 hectares of vegetation without threatening residential, according to rescue Corsica. Six water bombers were mobilized to tackle the fire which is pushed by a strong westerly wind.

Earlier this week, the Corsica firefighters had published an open letter “to citizens and inflammatory” , stating their “disgust” , “exhaustion” and “human and material exposure”

Since mid-July, the South of France and Corsica experiencing repeated fires that have ravaged more than 7000 hectares of vegetation.

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