Argentron-Notre-Dame: A Young Man Killed in an Accident

Local News
The accident occurred at Argentron Notre Dame.

A vehicle drove over a body, Wednesday, August 9, 2017, around 11.45pm, at Argentron-Notre-Dame (South Mayenne), in circumstances yet to be determined. The victim was a young man of thirty years. An investigation is underway.

A young man of thirty years died Wednesday night at Argentron-Notre-Dame. The circumstances of the accident are not yet clarified.

Two cars were following on the RD148 between Coudray and Saint-Laurent-des-Mortiers. The first saw an obstacle on the road. She managed to avoid it. The second vehicle did not see in time and rolled over him. It was in fact a body lying on the road.

Motorists were immediately stopped and raised the alarm.

By the time that help arrived, the victim had unfortunately died.

The four people who were on board the two vehicles, were shocked. They were supported by firefighters.

The police is investigating to try to understand the circumstances of the accident. Why the young man was lying on the road. Was he unconsious? Has he been hit by another vehicle that would not stop? These are questions that the ongoing investigations will try to answer.

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