VW stops production of the Golf for the moment

VW Stops Production of the Golf Due to Lack of Demand

>he WLTP approval tests have confused production at VW. Now even the sale of the top model is stalled. Dusseldorf –  At Volkswagen , the next compulsory break is in production. In the first week of October, production at the parent plant in Wolfsburg is expected to completely rest. As it is said from business circles, a relatively weak demand for […]

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The Toyota factory, in Onnaing, near Valenceinnes recruiting 150 persons

Valenciennes: To Increase Production, Toyota Recruits 150 People

INDUSTRY: The Japanese manufacturer sees Yaris sales grow in Europe and must adapt its production to demand … Jobs, yes, but precarious (for now). Toyota motor manufacturing France (TMMF), based in Onnaing, near Valenciennes, in the North, is launching a recruitment campaign, said Friday, in a statement. One hundred and fifty positions in interim or in fixed-term contracts are […]

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PSA announced the appointment of 70 CDI at its plant in Sochaux

PSA Announced the Hiring of 70 People on Permanent Contracts in Sochaux

The PSA plant in Sochaux (Doubs) will recruit 70 employees on permanent contracts (CDI) by the end of the year, announced the management. In total, the plant will have produced 140 hires on permanent contracts in 2017. The decision, announced at the monthly meeting of the works council (EC) confirms that the automotive website revives the […]

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The toyota Yaris is the most french of Japenese Cars

North: The Toyota Yaris, the most French of Japanese Cars

ECONOMY: For the fourth consecutive year, the city car from Toyota, gets the label “Origine France garantie” … She is now part of the landscape. The Yaris , a small city car of the Japanese Toyota, manufactured in the North, has just obtained for the fourth time the label “Origine France garantie”. Promote “Made in France” Awarded […]

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