Weather in Lorient: A Mild Weekend Ahead

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Once past the showers this morning, it will be fine this weekend in the region of Lorient

Once past the showers this morning, the weekend looks nice in the region of Lorient. Sun and mild weather are scheduled.


Unstable at dawn clouds (beautiful countryside), cumulus clouds and showers on the coastal edge progressing to a sunny morning and a variable mid-day with cloudy, cumulus. In the afternoon, the clouds, generous Lorient, the coastal edge and Groix despite the arrival of high altitude for sails up with cumulus more developed north of Plœmeur-Quéven Kervignac-axis by generating few showers.

Beautiful generalized cloudy late in the afternoon. Wind west (force 3, gusts 25-35 km/h, 45 of Groix and exposed headlands). Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1-1.3 m. Low: 8 / 9 degrees; maximum: 15 / 16 degrees; (7 / 8 degrees to 16 / 17 degrees inland). In the evenings, starry sky with fine altitude sails; 13 degrees at 8pm and 10 degrees at midnight.


Low clouds at dawn quickly evolving into a sunny morning despite the presence of high altitude for sails with rapidly rising mercury. Beautiful smooth midday under a slightly overcast sky.

In the afternoon, generous and gentle sun Lorient and the coastal border in the country of Plouay is embellished intermittently with medium altitude cumulus.

Wind southeast, weak in morning and freshening (force 4 gusting 35-45 km/h, 55-60 Groix). Fort Blocked: swell from west 1.5m. Low: 7 / 8 degrees; maximum: 18 / 19 degrees; (6 / 7 degrees to 19  / 20 degrees inland). Mostly cloudy and cloudy in the evening; 16 degrees at 8pm and 13 degrees at midnight.

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