Var: Accident between a Bus and a Lorry, 12 Injured Students

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12 students have been injured when bus involved in an accident in the Var

An accident between a bus and a truck injured 12 students on Monday night on the A8 in the Var.

One of the drivers of a bus carrying forty students was seriously injured and 11 students slightly injured, in an accident on Monday night when their bus was involved in an accident with a lorry on the A8 in the Var, we have learned from the emergency services.

The accident occurred around 9.15pm on the A8 at the Cannet des Maures, in the direction Aix-en-Provence, said the prefecture of the zone defense and security for the south.

A lorry and “a bus carrying 47 students” was involved, said the prefecture.

Deviations in place

At 11 pm, the rescue operations were still ongoing, said the fire department of Var, which mobilized 42 rescuers, including shelter as quickly as possible for the young passengers.

Two accompanying adults were also slightly injured. The circumstances of the accident, where the Var prefecture did not want to communicate immediately, were not specified.

The A8 motorway, from Italy to Aix-en-Provence was cut at the accident and diversions put in place.

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