American election: What remedies would Trump want to launch to invalidate the ballot?

US Presidential: Martial law, Special Prosecutor, Supreme Court… The Ultimate Remedies Envisaged by Donald Trump

UNITED STATES: Despite the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory by the electoral college, Donald Trump continues his improbable quest to overturn the verdict of the polls With less than a month from the end of his mandate, he is considering everything to overturn the election. Despite the vote of the electoral college which formalized the victory of Joe Biden , and […]

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Donald Trump on December 3, 2020 in the Oval Office of the White House.

US Presidential: Alternative Voters, 12th Amendment … Is a Miracle Still Possible for Donald Trump?

UNITED STATES:  Even if the US president, Donald Trump refuses to throw in the towel and his allies in Congress are zealous on January 6th, it is now a waste of time after the electoral college vote When one branch cracks, we hang on to the next. After the electoral college vote that confirmed Joe Biden’s victory on Monday, many conservative […]

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Donald Trump with folded arms in the Oval Office of the White House, August 27, 2018.

US Presidential Election: Supreme Court Sinks Donald Trump’s Last Hopes

US ELECTION: The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the postal vote in Pennsylvania In one concise sentence, the United States Supreme Court refused to interfere with the results of the American presidential election. On Tuesday, the highest US court dismissed an appeal by Republicans in Pennsylvania, who sought to block certification of results and reject more […]

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The Euro has risen against the dollar after the victory of Macron in Presidential Election

The Euro Climbed to 1.1010 Dollars after the Victory of Presidential Macron

ECONOMY: Asian markets experienced a rise of the euro against the dollar … The euro climbed against the dollar on Monday in the foreign exchange market in Asia at 1.1010 against 1.0998 dollar in reaction to the victory of pro-European centrist Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential elections on the 7th May. The victory of Emmanuel Macron who faced […]

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La Manche has largely preferred to Emmanuel Macron Marine Le Pen

Presidential: La Manche chooses Emmanuel Macron with 67.23%

VOTING: In the image of its five cities, La Manche has widely preferred Emmanuel Macron to Marine Le Pen. The score difference in graphics. La Manche has largely chosen Emmanuel Macron on the evening of Sunday 7th May, during the second round of the presidential election. The vote for him comprises 67.23% of the votes cast. In comparison, his […]

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sixty sports stars have signed an appeal for a vote for Emmanuel Macron in the Presidential Elections

Presidential: Sixty Sports stars call to Vote Macron

There are a little over sixty sports stars who have signed an appeal to vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election. Many well know stars such as Blaise Matuidi or Laura Flessel and many leaders of French sport. Sixty sports stars, both current and retired, including the footballer Blaise Matuidi […]

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Front National gained more support in rural areas and small towns

Front National: “A Surge in Rural, Small Towns”

Christophe Giulluy, geographer, is the author of La France périphérique (Flammarion). He is a consultant for local governments and manager of Maps Productions, a marketing company. He works from the late 1990s to develop a new social geography. Interview What do you think the score of Marine Le Pen? It is especially important to read […]

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Marine Le Pen has given up the presidentcy of the Front National

Presidential: Marine Le Pen has “left the Presidency of the FN,” she Announced after the 1st Round

PRESIDENTIAL: She decided to no longer be a candidate of the Front National in the presidential election … Marine Le Pen gets leave the presidency of the FN. The National Front president wants to “gather all the French.” “Gather around (her) project.” Such is the credo of Marine Le Pen, qualified for the second round of […]

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Macron won the first round of the Presidential elections in Saint-Nazaire

Saint Nazaire: Presidential Results, Macron 1st, Mélenchon 2nd

Emmanuel Macron won the vote in Saint-Nazaire, closely followed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon (26.74%). François Fillon comes third with 14.28 and 4th Marine Le Pen with 13.53%. Final results of the first round of the presidential election in Saint-Nazaire. Emmanuel Macron (En March) 29.02% Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France insoumise) 26.74% François Fillon (Republicans) 14.28% Marine Le […]

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Results of the first round of the French Presidential Elections

Presidential: Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen in the Second Round

Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen qualified for the second round of the French presidential election, according to first estimates released Sunday evening by all the pollsters after the first round. The results of the first round will have ultimately not booked a surprise compared to surveys. Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen are both qualified candidates […]

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