Parcoursup will deliver on May 22, 2018 its first responses to some 810,000 future graduates and students in reorientation.

Parcoursup: “More than Half” of Students will have a Positive Response as early as Tuesday night, says the Government

According to the Ministers of Higher Education and Education, more than half of the 810,000 future students will have a positive response for their university wish on the Parcoursup website “More than half” of the 810 000 future graduates and students of reorientation will receive from Tuesday evening a positive response to their wishes for registration formulated […]

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The exams, which were to begin this Thursday at the University of Rennes 2, are "cancelled" announced the presidency of the university in a message to students

University of Rennes 2 Blocked Again, Cancelled Exams

This Thursday morning, between 200 to 300 people blocked the University of Rennes 2 and prevented the holding of exams. The Presidency has cancelled them and strongly condemns this action. The exams , scheduled to begin this Thursday at the University of Rennes 2 , are “cancelled” announced the presidency of the university in a message to students. Un groupe […]

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Nanterre students vote for unlimited blocking of their university

Nanterre: Students Vote for Unlimited Blocking of University

Students from Nanterre gathered at a general assembly voted on Monday for the unlimited blocking of their university, a hotbed of protest against the reform of access to the university. Nanterre students gathered in a general assembly voted Monday for the unlimited blocking of their university , high ground of the protest against the reform of access to […]

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Emmanuel Macron, April 12, 2018 during a TV interview broadcast on TF1.

Emmanuel Macron on TF1’s 1pm News: The 8 Announcements to Remember

Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to Jean-Pierre Pernaut during the 13H TF1 conducted from a primary school in Berd’huis (Orne). The main announcements. For an hour, Emmanuel Macron answered questions from TF1 journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut live from a school in the village of Berd’huis in the Orne . The Head of State was particularly questioned on employment, rurality, 80Km/h, retirees or the reform […]

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Yves Jean, president of the University of Poitiers.calls to vote against Marine Le Pen

The President of the University of Potiers Calls to Vote against Le Pen

In an email sent on Friday to 26,000 students and 3,000 staff of the University of Poitiers, its president, Yves Jean, called for the second round of the presidential vote to vote against the Front National, Marine Le Pen. The line “subject” of the email is unambiguous: “Call to vote against Mrs Le Pen” . […]

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The missing student in Rennes was found dead in a forest

Rennes: The Young Missing Student was Found Dead in the Forest

Ronan Le Barch, a student from Baden in Morbihan, had been missing since the 10th March. He had left his student accommodation in halls of Beaulieu, Rennes, with a bag without his phone or his keys. The gendarmes found him dead on Tuesday in the forest of Liffré. Since Friday, March 10, Ronan Le Barch, […]

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Increased security at the university campus in Rennes

Rennes: Increased Security on University Campus

With nearly 55,000 students, the university sites of Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 concentrate as many people as an average city.  Since the attacks, security measures are discreet but more drastic. In universities, vigilance is the rule in this fall, as in all schools. The difference is that the facs in Rennes host very large numbers, […]

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