Emmanuel Macron Calls for Sanctions against Poland

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Emmanuel Macron wants sanctions against Poland

In an interview with the regional press, Emmanuel Macron taps his fist on the table. Poland will be punished for his policy of social dumping and non-compliance of the values ​​of the European Union.

In the aftermath of a stormy visit to the Whirlpool site , Emmanuel Macron held today to put Europe face its responsibilities. “About Whirlpool, within three months after my election, there are decisions to be made on Poland. I put my responsibility on the table. We can not have a country that plays tax differences, different social responsibility, within the European Union and is in breach of these principles, ” said the candidate in an interview with the regional press, conducted Thursday morning at his campaign headquarters.

“Breach of rights’

Emmanuel Macron also wants the case of Poland should be considered “in its entirety”. “I want on the non-observance of rights and EU values for sanctions. The treaties provide for that. We can not have a Europe debate of the decimal point and when you have a member country that behaves like Poland or Hungary, on topics related to the university, to refugees, to our fundamental values , we decided to do nothing. ”

In this interview, the candidate of En March talks about the issues of the second round. “I have two enemies, abstention and dispersion. Not voting is to accept that the FN is high ” he warns. He asked voters to give him a victory, while saying “clear about the fact that my score will not be worth a blank check.”

“I will not repeat the mistake of 2002”

If elected, Emmanuel Macron said he will consider the “anger” that is expressed in the first round. “I will not repeat the mistake made in 2002 after the election and act as if nothing had happened. ” He intends to “enable all republican political sensitivities of having a hand in running the country.”

The choice of prime minister is “not totally stopped.” For Emmanuel Macron wants “all the consequences of what happened.”   He will choose the “considering the skills, ability to lead a group and keep the budget debates.” His prime minister will not be from civil society,  “because it takes someone who knows politics.”

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