Cancer: Johnny Hallyday is Testing a New Treatment after Failure of First

Johnny Hallyday is tryiong some new treatlment for his cancer

HEALTH: The singer, Johnny Hallday, 73 years old, suffering from lung cancer is following new chemotherapy sessions, interspersed with immunotherapy …

After the failure of a first protocol of chemotherapy, Johnny Hallyday is now subjected to a second treatment to fight against the lung cancer . The rocker is being treated in the Cedars Sinai Medical Center Oncology Section in Los Angeles (USA),reveals VOD .

Chemotherapy and immunotherapy

There, surrounded by doctors, the singer of 73 years following new chemotherapy sessions, interspersed with immunotherapy to strengthen his immune system. The star has to take medication at a fixed time every day, attend medical visits several times a day and protect from sunlight.

“Johnny decided that nothing would prevent to live, exactly as before,” said a musician, quoted by VOD . The tour of the Old Canailles in the company of Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc in June did it, not canceled. Johnny Hallyday would indeed intend to ensure that appointment with his fans.

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