Angela Merkel and Theresa May clash on the Brexit

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Angela Merkel and Theresa May clash over Brexit

EUROPEAN UNION: A preparatory meeting was held in Brussels on Thursday …

The German and British Prime Minister Merkel clashed on the Brexit this Thursday, Angela Merkel warning the British should not expect any leniency in negotiations while Theresa May accused the Europeans of “uniting against” her country.

“One third countries do not enjoy the same rights, or more advantageous rights, than a member country” of the European Union, said Angela Merkel before German MPs, two days from a EU summit without the UK who should set its negotiating positions. “Maybe you think that all this is obvious, but unfortunately I have to say as clearly as I feel that some in Britain still have illusions about it,” said Angela Merkel, following a meeting in London between Mrs May and European officials.

The UK does not have the same benefits, warns Merkel

In the evening, Theresa May has responded by accusing the other 27 EU member states “to unite against” her country. ”  Negotiations will be difficult,” she launched at the British voters in Leeds (northern England), on the campaign for early parliamentary elections that she has convened for the 8th June, as Theresa May is looking to expand its conservative majority in parliament – where it has 17 seats ahead now – ensuring that it will be so in a stronger position to negotiate with Brussels and 27 other states.

A pre-summit meeting with the European Affairs Ministers of the 27, was held on Thursday in Luxembourg. Objective, display a united front for London, who might be tempted to play on the sometimes conflicting interests between European countries. According to a draft of the EU summit that the AFP had access, the EU intends to focus on the rights of citizens (EU residents in the United Kingdom and the British established in the rest of the EU) on financial commitments London to the EU or on their common future relationship. Considered the most influential European leader of the time, Angela Merkel has sought to stand firm before the negotiations it expects “difficult”.

To believe that the UK could get equivalent benefits, after its release, to those it enjoys today would be “lost time,” said she insisted in Berlin.

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