Charente: Very Hot Saturday with 27.2 Degrees in La Couronne, But it is not a Record

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A very hot Saturday in the Charente

WEATHER: Meteo France recorded 27.2 degrees in La Coronne in the Charente on Saturday afternoon …

It was 27.2 degrees in La Couronne, at about 6.30pm on Saturday upon departure from Angoulême Strides. We can say that there was a summer temperature in the Charente. But it was not a record for April 8th since 2011, Meteo France recorded 28.1 ° C in Cognac. And unlike the summer months, there was a large thermal difference between the morning and afternoon.

Elsewhere in the region, Meteo France has seen a 28.7 ° C in Cap Ferret, a 28 ° C in Biarritz, a 27 ° C Dax and 26 ° c in Bordeaux.

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