Weather: A Touch of Spring on Saturday, before Rain on Sunday

The weather in France this Saturday will feel almost like Spring

The weekend weather? There will be something for everyone. After a largely sunny Saturday with temperatures that feel like spring, the weather will degrade in the west at night. Sunday, temperatures will be down with the return of the rain.

This Saturday will be rather mild and sunny for much of the country, according to the weather forecast of Meteo France.

After the clearing of the mist and morning fog, the sun will make beautiful appearances almost everywhere despite the presence of a cloudy sky.

An air of spring type temperatures

In the afternoon, the sea wind will rise and will bring clouds and freshness of southern Aquitaine.

Clouds and grey dominate the coasts of the English Channel and Brittany, the sun will be needed elsewhere.

In the morning, small frost between 0 and -1 degrees are possible in the valleys of the east and the Massif Central. Moreover, the minimum will range from 2 to 10 degrees from the inside.

In the afternoon, the temperatures will rise from 13 to 19 degrees on the northern half of the country from 17 to 25 degrees in the south.

And the return of the rain …

During the night of Saturday to Sunday, a new rainy disturbance will start on the ocean coasts.

Clouds and rain will cross the country from west to east on Sunday with a significant drop in temperatures.

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