Weather in Lorient: Sun Dominant, Daytime Smooth and Beautiful

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Sun dominant daytime and beautiful softness for the weekend over Lorient

WEATHER: Anticyclone between the British and the Portuguese depression, will create a milder flow taking place over Lorient …


Hazy and cloudy at the beginning before a light morning clouds, cumulus and high altitude sails. Sunny at midday. In the afternoon, the sky sunny coastline north of Morbihan generates a feeling of great softness in the sun of the wind against a freshness on the wind.

Wind east northeast supported (force 4 gusting 40-50 km/h, 65 Groix) freshening (force 5 gusting 50-60 km/h, 75 Groix). Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1m. Low: 7 / 8 degrees; maximum: 15 /16 degrees ; (6 / 7 degrees to 16 /17 degrees in the field). Starry sky in the evening with sustained wind of is; 12 degrees at 8pm to 9 degrees at midnight.


The arrival of a little active front in the southeast generates a cloudy and overcast morning and mid-day with sunny. In the afternoon, the front that exhausts to the Finistère in a stream is generating a sunny sky with few clouds, cumulus and discrete high altitude sails.

 Wind southeast (force 3, gusts 25-35 km/h, 45 of Groix and the exposed coast). Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1m. Low: 5 / 6 degrees; maximum: 14 /15 degrees; (4 / 5 degrees 15  / 16 degrees in the field). Clear sky ; moderate wind from the southeast; 11 degrees at 8pm, 8 degrees at midnight.

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