Attack in London: The Second Injured Lycee Student Arrived in Quimper

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The second student injured in the attack in France has returned to France

Wounded in the attack in London that left four dead, a second Lycee student from Brittany was repatriated in the night from Friday to Saturday in Quimper.

A second Lycee student from Brittany, part of the three who were injured in the attack in London at Westminster, arrived in the night from Friday to Saturday by air in Quimper, a few hours after the repatriation of the first, has been learned with gendarmes there.

The boy arrived shortly after midnight to Quimper airport, on board a small twin engine, the source said, who said it was the high school student named Yann.

“He is tired”

Thomas, the first high school student repatriated arrived around 4pm at the same airport. He was immediately transferred by ambulance, escorted by bikers, to hospital.

Hidden under the blankets, the boy was brought down on a stretcher in the ambulance plane. Relatives were waiting on the tarmac.

“Okay, he’s tired” , told the grandmother of Thomas. No official information has been disclosed on the return of the third high school, Victor, expected in the coming days, according to several sources.

“The public service of the Victim Support is fully mobilized to support the victims of the attack students of London” , provides a statement Friday Juliet Méadel, State Secretary to the Prime Minister, responsible for the help victim.

The three students of St. Joseph’s High School of Concarneau were in London as part of a school trip. The whole group of high school students who participated in the trip returned Thursday night in Brittany.

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